Banana Split for Two

By Recipes


Hot summer days demand delicious cool treats. Here’s one you can enjoy while sticking to your meal plan!



3/4 cups of plain 0% Greek yogurt

1 scoop EVO Whey Protein

1 banana

2 cup mixed berries, fresh or frozen (Thawed frozen berries add some delicious juices!)

Optional: 1 tbsp of No Sugar Added caramel or chocolate sauce



Mix protein and Greek yogurt together and freeze. Once frozen, scoop into 2-3 scoops in a long banana split dish. Split a banana length wise and place on either side of the “ice cream”. Add berries on top of everything and if desired, drizzle 1 tbsp of No Sugar Added caramel or chocolate sauce over everything. Don’t forget the cherry on top!

To Fat or Not To Fat… That Is The Question

By Weight Loss Tips


Fat.  Does hearing the word create a certain sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?  Or does it represent a constant uphill battle to remove some of that dreaded stuff from your body’s frame?

In my home growing up, fat was to be avoided due to its suggested negative relationship with cholesterol and heart disease.  For the past 50 or 60 years, fat has had a sketchy reputation… but why?

Luckily, updated research is now showing us that we don’t need to fear fat (or lipids) as we once did.  In fact, we can and should be embracing good/healthy fats.  The question is, are all fats created equal?  What is fat and how did it get a bad name?  What are some good/healthy fats that I should be consuming?  Keep reading and we’ll explore these questions and provide 10 healthy fats that you should include in your diet.


Are all fats created equal?

The quick answer is no.  Fats are a crucial component of anyone’s diet, but not all fats have the same impact within your body.  Good/healthy fats can improve brain function, lower cholesterol, lower inflammation and even help lower body fat, while consistent consumption of unhealthy fats can definitely send you down a different path of chronic disease and weight gain.


What is fat and how did it get a bad name?

Fat is one of the 3 main macronutrients that our bodies use when we consume food.  The other two are carbohydrates and protein.  We’ll get into more about each of them a little later.  Fats are a key component of our diet.  Good or healthy fats, are an essential energy source that can fuel our body, and improve our health.  A good rule of thumb when consuming fats is to focus on consuming fats that occur as naturally as possible.  Therefore, try to consume fats that go through the least amount of processing as possible.  Avocados, olives or olive oil, coconut oil, fatty fish are just a few examples of naturally higher sources that can benefit your health.  Try to avoid your highly processed industrial vegetable/seed and corn oils etc.


So where did the “low fat” craze come from?

Post World War II, research began to emerge suggesting a link that consuming saturated fats (ie. eggs, red meat and coconuts) lead to coronary heart disease.  A decade or so later (1960s) government health agencies began making recommendations that people should reduce their dietary fat intake.  By the 1970s, food guidelines had changed, suggesting the population needs to reduce saturated fat intake and to increase the consumption of carbohydrates and therefore launching the still now believed “War on Fat”.  Though the recommendation of increasing the intake of carbohydrates was in the form of fruits and vegetables, most people looked at it as ANY carbohydrates were good and that all fat was bad.  Unfortunately, this was a massive oversimplification.


The major challenge in all of this, was that the studies that attributed saturated fat as the cause of heart disease,  never actually linked high-fat diets to heart trouble.  Additional studies have in fact now debunked all of the research that was done to create this “fat is bad” belief.  Amazingly, not only has additional research been done to discount the “fat is bad” understanding but many studies have actually shown that consumption of the correct types of fat can actually improve your overall health including that organ that was supposed to be damaged by fat… your heart.


Food is information?

Food is information for our bodies.  As we consume certain foods, they are digested and broken down into their individual components.  Our bodies acknowledge these components and react accordingly.  The 3 main “macronutrients” that we consume are carbohydrates, protein and fats/lipids (as mentioned earlier).


Think of protein, broken down into amino acids, as the “building blocks” for the body.  Simplistically, protein is providing our bodies with the supplies necessary to rebuild itself.  Carbohydrates and fats on the other hand, can basically be looked at as energy sources.  They are able to be broken down into their individual components (carbohydrates into glucose/sugars and fats into fatty acids) and used to power our bodies.


Anyone surprised to hear that fat is an energy source?  There is a bit of a catch however.  If you are consistently consuming high levels of carbohydrates (grains, pasta, breads, crackers, rice, sweets, baked goods, potatoes etc.), your body will prioritize the use of the simple or fast burning energy from the carbohydrates.  Your body will unfortunately not use as many of the fats you are consuming or the fat stored on your body as an energy source, it will instead send those calories from consumed fat into storage (body fat).  Collected body fat is just “stored energy” and is used as a survival mechanism when food is scarce. Our bodies do this automatically.  For most of us however, we do not live in times where food is scarce; it is abundantly available to us year round.  So, it becomes very important that we keep our carbohydrate consumption to healthier options and at moderate to lower levels, to allow our bodies to utilize those healthy fats even better.


What are the healthy fats we should be consuming for health and weight management?

1.       Avocados & Avocado Oil

  • Rich in fats that aid in the raising of “good” cholesterol and lowering the “bad”
  • Vitamin E
  • High in protein vs. any other fruit
  • Cooking: Avocado Oil can be used in high heat cooking due to its higher smoke point

2.       Butter & Ghee

  • Brain and Skin health (Omega-3 and Omega-6s)
  • Rich in fat-soluble vitamins and trace minerals
  • Cooking: Ghee is better for higher temperature cooking.  Use butter at lower temps

3.       Coconut Oil

  • Rich in medium chain fatty acids:
    • Easy to digest
    • Not typically stored by the body as fat
    • Med Chain fatty acids are smaller in size and are used for energy in cells quickly
  • Can be used as a topical skin moisturizer
  • Cooking: Can be used in higher temperature cooking due to its higher smoke point

4.       Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Boosts heart health, memory and cognitive function
  • Cooking: Not recommended for cooking due to its very low smoke point.  Use in salad dressings and/or drizzling and dipping

5.       OMEGA-3s

  • Preferred sources of Omega 3s are DHA and EPA, which are found in fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel and anchovies
  • Supplement with fish oil: Try out EWYN’s own OMEGAS
  • Try and get at least 1,000 mg a day of EPA/DHA (6 capsules of EWYN’s OMEGAS will supply this amount)

6.       Nuts and Seeds

  • Rich in ALA Omega 3s (brain food)
  • Aids in lowering “bad” cholesterol
  • Walnuts and almonds are preferred nut choices
  • Flaxseeds and chia seeds are the top seed choices

7.       Eggs

  • Loaded with a full protein (all amino acids)
  • Can aid in lowering cholesterol while improving heart health
  • Can reduce risk of metabolic syndrome

8.       Grass-Fed Beef

  • Grass-fed has a different nutritional make-up than grain fed beef
  • Grass-fed has conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which can aid in the prevention of cancer and other diseases
  • Higher healthy Omega 3s than grain fed beef

9.       MCT Oil

  • MCTs – Medium chain triglycerides
  • MCTs are easily digested and sent to the liver, where they can give your metabolism a boost!
  • Cooking: Use in dressings, smoothies and even coffee

10.   Dark Chocolate

  • We are referring to REAL dark chocolate.  70% cocoa or higher (such as 85%)
  • High in fat and rich in antioxidants (which helps our bodies from free radicals, which can cause disease)
  • Flavanols in dark chocolate improve heart health
  • Consume 1 or 2 small “squares” of dark chocolate (not a bar at a time).  The added sugar can still have negative effects.


To recap:

  • Healthy fats are not to be feared or avoided.
  • Key is to incorporate as many healthy or good fats into your diet as you can
  • Make those improved fat choices to
    • Boost energy
    • Reduce disease risk
    • Shed some of those unwanted pounds
  • Try your best to improve your carbohydrate choices
  • Consume more whole foods carb options:
    • Sweet potato
    • Steel cut oats
    • Oatmeal
    • Basmati or wild rice
    • Etc.
  • If carbohydrate consumption stays high or more processed/simpler carb choices are consumed regularly:
    • You are creating an environment for chronic disease and weight gain
    • Even healthy fats can be shuttled into storage in the form of dreaded bodyfat coupled with high carb consumption
  • Please refer to your EWYN meal plan and/or EWYN health coach for approved foods, quantities and additional fat burning strategies while on plan.



Written By: Craig Warrian, International Service Supervisor, Ewyn Studios International

Sources & Credit: (Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, is a doctor of chiropractic, certified doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist, and founder of


Meal Planning for Camping

By Weight Loss Tips


Losing weight while camping is going to take some discipline since most of us will be camping with other people who may not have the same goals as you! Before you set out on a camping adventure with others who may not be as supportive as you would hope, make a list of all the reasons you started your journey. Seems simple, but those who have a clear understanding of their “why” are much more likely to stick to their new healthier lifestyle. You need a clear understanding of what the result is when those “friends” are trying hard to sabotage your efforts. Once you make your list, be sure, to read it daily (a good time is with your morning coffee before everyone rises so you can set your positive intention for the day.) I have clients who put all these “whys” on the back of a photograph of where they are now to remind them why they started! Or maybe a picture of the dress you want to wear or the shorts you are working towards😊

Now that we are feeling strong and motivated as to why our goal is important, let’s move on to how we are going to prepare ourselves for success! First, we need to plan, plan, and then plan again! Planning your days away is going to be the key to your success. Download Ewyn’s handy meal planner to get your head around how your days are going to shape up. Don’t get me wrong though, we can plan everything and then it rains and that campsite snack gets rained out so plan to be flexible with your meal plan. If you must switch things around to make it work then go for it. If you are camping in a trailer. this will be a breeze. In a tent may be a bit trickier as you will not have a fridge or freezer to keep things frozen until you need them. If you are tent camping, you may want to precook most of your food so it stays fresh and makes it much easier to prepare at the campsite. One of my favorites is pre-done spaghetti! I precook it all and even mix it with the quinoa pasta ahead of time, then just warm it up on the campfire and tada! Camping Italian style! Be sure to add a treat meal into your plan as well. Pick one night when you can enjoy a hot dog or sausage if that is your family’s go-to camping food. Pack your Cheat It so you can enjoy it and minimize the damage.


Check out this one-day sample camping menu with recipe ideas.


Here are a few must haves on your menu:

Boiled eggs

Veggies pre-cut and washed

Baked potatoes

Fruit washed and ready to eat, especially apples (Check out these yummy apple snacks!)

Pre-portioned pistachios and almonds

Instant oatmeal (plain)


EVO Whey protein

Ewyn-exclusive protein bars

Homemade frozen hamburgers

Canned tuna or salmon

EVO Revive


Now that we have our meal plan, the camper is packed and off we go! If you are traveling any distance be sure to read our blog entry on travel tips. Once you arrive, up your activity level. Camping is a great time to enjoy a hike, go for a bike ride or just enjoy playing with the kids. Bring activities that encourage physical activity, so you keep moving. Challenge yourself to get up every hour and do 10 minutes of walking or activity. Check out our blog on fun outside activities you can do with the kids for some ideas! Do not forget the raincoats so even if it rains you can go puddle jumping with the kids.

Now let’s talk about fluid… this is not the time to forget your water! Make sure you bring bottles of your own water for the trip so you can still get your 8 glasses in daily. Use your EVO Revive to help flush fluid and give you some energy mid-afternoon. If alcohol is a big part of your camping regime ohhh… first pull out that note you wrote yourself on “WHY” you embarked on this weight loss journey… hmmmm maybe only 1 drink today! Alcohol causes fluid retention, slows the metabolism of fat and if we have too many, causes us to make poor food choices which leads to weight gain. This is why it’s extremely important to keep drinking to 4 oz per day. My trick… do 2 oz and add soda water or diet sprite to make a spritzer or a shandy if you are a beer drinker. If you like the hard stuff, mix 2 oz in a big shaker cup of EVO Revive. It will look fancy and you will be cutting the alcohol down while helping flush fluid. Win-win!

Camping is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends, but it does not have to cause you stress while you are on your weight loss program. If you need help with meal planning, prepping and supplementation to support you while you are gone, reach out to your health coach today for more great tips! And Happy Camping!

Staying On Track When You’re On The Road

By Weight Loss Tips


This time of year, we often get requests from our clients asking for tips on how to stay on track while on vacation. Staying in a hotel, airline travel, and road trips can cause significant difficulties when sticking to a meal plan.


With travel restrictions beginning to relax, many of you may be planning modified vacations such as road trips within your province, so we thought we would take this opportunity to provide you all with some great tips to plan ahead and stay on track when you hit the road:


  1. BEFORE you get there, look up potential restaurants en route and at your final destination to check the menu for healthy options.
  2. Call your hotel to ask for a kettle, microwave, and fridge in your room so you can prepare breakfasts and snacks.
  3. Check for nearby grocery stores or markets for fresh, real food essentials; greek yogurt, berries, veggies and protein.
  4. Trip permitting, bring your own travel pack of “Power Tools” – a bowl, cutlery, shaker cup, tea mug, steamer, omelette maker, prep bowls, and resealable bags.
  5. For road trips, fill a small cooler or insulated lunch bag with essentials (veggies, fruit, protein-filled wrap, greek yogurt, etc.) and water with Revive or tea. Have picnics instead of fast food!
  6. Eat before you leave or take a meal to eat on the go. Try a mason jar salad – easy, delicious, and packed in a reusable container! Load up on veggies whenever you can.
  7. Use the hotel pool and ask locals for walking trail recommendations.
  8. Stick to your exercise routine and eating schedule as much as possible.
  9. Travelling can cause occasional constipation, so pack your PM/BM or GE Pro Zyme and use daily while on vacation.
  10. If you encounter a meal out, take Carb Control or Cheat It to help with carbs and alcohol.
  11. When you return home, get right back on track and add an extra bottle of water daily.


As our lives slowly get back to normal, we hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy a vacation or stay-cation after so much time at home. Follow our tips and keep reaching your goals no matter where you are!



Cucumber Crunchies

By Recipes


These crunchy little treats are an excellent snack food to enjoy without straying from your meal plan.



  • 1/8 cup cherry tomatoes (halved)
  • 1/3 cup cucumber slices
  • 4oz tuna (canned, water packed)
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds
  • 1/8 cup diced red onion
  • 1 tbsp light mayonnaise
  • ZEST to taste
  • 3 slices of Melba Toast


Combine tuna, mayonnaise, almonds, red onion and ZEST in a bowl. Top melba toast with slices of cucumber, tomato, and tuna mixture.

Makes 1 Serving

Tip: If you need to skip the carb, omit the melba toast. The cucumber slices can act as your base!


Rainbow Salmon Skewers

By Recipes


In the sizzling summer heat, we are always looking for ways to cook on the grill so that we can leave the oven OFF inside the house. These salmon skewers are healthy, hearty, filling and delicious – and so easy to cook! Pick your favourite veggies (you don’t have to stick to peppers and onions – try mushrooms, zucchini, or cherry tomatoes), then fire up the grill and get cooking!


  • 20oz fresh or frozen salmon
  • 1 medium of each – red, yellow, and green bell peppers
  • 4 small red onions
  • 4 tsp olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • black pepper or ZEST
  • 12 wooden skewers


Cut the salmon into 1 1/2″ chunks. Cut the peppers and onion into similar size pieces. Thread the salmon and vegetables in alternating order on each skewer, leaving enough room at the base of the skewers for handling. Brush the skewers on all sides with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper or ZEST. Cook on a hot grill, turning once until fish is cooked through and vegetables are slightly softened. Serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Makes 4 servings.



How We’re Keeping You Safe – & What You Can Do

By Updates

Dear Ewyn® Family,

We could not be more excited to watch as our studios begin to re-open across the country. Throughout our closures, our franchisees and health coaches have been working tirelessly to continue providing service by phone, video, or electronically, delivering product orders and offering curb-side pickup. However, we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our in-studio visits and we are delighted to be able to see you face-to-face once again!

As things get back to normal, we know that the very definition of ‘normal’ for our studios has changed for good. So we wanted to make you aware of the actions that our studios across Canada have taken to help prevent the spread of the virus and support the health and well-being of our clients, our employees, and our communities.

Along with increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures for our studios, these measures include but are not limited to:


  • Providing hand sanitizer on front counters/at front doors, all servicing rooms, and restrooms
  • All furniture and surfaces cleaned several times throughout the day
  • Debit terminal, door handles, and scales cleaned/disinfected after each use
  • Removing reading material from waiting areas and restrooms
  • Eliminating personal contact (We will celebrate your successes with dancing instead of hugs, and will teach you how to take your own measurements)
  • Sick clients are asked not to visit the studio
  • Clients will read their journals to the health coach (Health coach will not touch journals)
  • No coffee/tea/water service
  • Limited number of clients permitted in studio at any given time
  • Installation of plexiglass/clear plastic barriers at front desk areas and some consult rooms


So, what can YOU do on your own? Here are a few extra foods, vitamins, and supplements you can take to keep yourself safe and healthy, keep your immune system strong, and protect yourself against illness:

Vitamin C – In combination with a healthy diet rich in Vitamin C, you can supplement your Vitamin C levels to help maintain a strong immune system. The perfect vitamin for fighting colds & viruses,  our Vitamin C has the addition of Citrus Bioflavonoids to give maximum benefit for your body. Packed with 500mg of Vitamin C per capsule, you can’t go wrong with this immune-boosting staple.

B Complex – B vitamins are an excellent natural way to reduce stress & anxiety, which in turn supports your immune system. A stressed body is a weak body! Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, and millet are great sources of B vitamins, and you can pick up our B Complex supplement at your local studio.

Curcumin – A potent anti-inflammatory that boosts the immune system as well as improving digestion, curcumin is the main ingredient in our Estrogen Control supplement. Check out the other benefits here. Curcumin is also found in turmeric, a spice present in many curry dishes. Yum!

Stick To Your Meal Plan – A healthy, balanced diet is arguably the best thing you can do for your health, and our Ewyn® meal plans include a fantastic balance of healthy foods to keep you going strong.


We appreciate your understanding that, as a client, your experience with Ewyn® may look different than you’re used to, but it has become necessary to modify our operations with options that still allow us to service you throughout your weight loss journey while keeping everyone safe, and we thank you for your understanding & cooperation!


We hope you’re all safe, happy, and healthy.

Revive Pops

By Recipes


What better way to beat the summer heat than with POPSICLES?! These yummy homemade pops incorporate real fruit of your choice and loads of BCAA’s to help with rapid recovery, lowering stress hormone levels, and curbing sweet cravings.


TIP: This is an exceptional treat to have after a workout, especially in this hot summer weather! The BCAA’s will help prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and will help quench your thirst after working up a sweat. 





  • Dixie Cups
  • Popsicle Sticks

OR a set of plastic popsicle molds…



Mix EVO Revive with water until fully dissolved. Pour into dixie cups or popsicle molds and add fruit. If using dixie cups, cover the cups with plastic wrap and punch popsicle sticks through the plastic to keep sticks standing straight up in the middle of the cups. Freeze and enjoy!


Staying Motivated In Quarantine

By Weight Loss Tips

Over the past two months, we’ve all experienced plenty of hardships and difficulties as our routines and daily lives have been turned upside down. When it comes to weight loss, one of the most difficult challenges during this time is staying on track due to lack of motivation, or losing our ‘why’. It could be due to the fact that we no longer have social interactions to think about. No vacations to look forward to. For many of us, no colleagues to encounter at work. We also often turn to food as a source of comfort during stressful times. We’re all human, and it’s natural – but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to get back on track! Here are a few tips to help you rediscover your WHY:


Change up your routine

This applies not only to daily tasks, but what we eat as well! Things can get pretty monotonous when stuck at home AND following a meal plan. Why not try choosing eggs for your evening protein, a way to have “breakfast for dinner”? (This is something I remember fondly that my family would do as a special treat when we were kids.)  Try a few new healthy recipes (there are plenty on our blog and your EWYN Health Coaches are a great source for more!) When it comes to exercise, change up your cardio routine – instead of walking the same route every day, try an at-home Zumba class or drive to a nature trail to keep things interesting. Read our blog about changing up your outdoor exercise routine for more fun and tips!


List your goals

Being confined in one place can make one day seem to stretch into the next. In turn, that can make it hard to keep your eyes on the prize, and easy to fall down rabbit holes.

To stay on track, make a clear list of what you need to accomplish each day (30 minutes of cardio, meal prep for the next day) and consider adding some longer-term goals you haven’t addressed yet (get your cardio up to 40 minutes in length, squat a certain weight by the end of summer, etc.) Reminding yourself of your goals and adding a couple new ones can boost your momentum and amplify your motivation.


Count your achievements

Whenever you start feeling demoralized, it’s time to stop and give yourself pat yourself on the back. Start with the fact that your stay-at-home regimen is helping to keep COVID-19 from spreading – a real contribution to the greater good that deserves to be applauded!

Next, take time to consider your personal achievements. Think about everything you’ve managed to accomplish despite current restrictions: It’s likely much more than you think. Make a list of everything you’ve achieved in the past year, every pound lost, every minute of exercise put in, and take a moment to appreciate what it took to accomplish each. This applies not only to weight loss, but to things like relationships, finances, education, and skill building.

Not only will this remind you what you’re capable of, it should also make you feel good enough to re-spark your motivation. Make this practice a habit, and you’ll be ready to build on your successes, get closer to your goal, and show off the New You once the world returns to business-as-somewhat-usual.


Stay in touch with your support network

Some of the best results are achieved when you have a team in your corner – it’s just a little more difficult when that has to happen via texts or phone calls. In fact, losing regular contact with close friends or family outside your home can be one of the most difficult aspects of isolation, since you can’t just stop by for a chat or get together for a healthy meal.

That makes right now the perfect time to put extra effort into reaching out to your loved ones. Stay in touch socially, both to boost morale and encourage mental health. Hearing their encouragement and even stopping by for a ‘front yard’ visit from a safe distance where they can see your results for themselves will go a long way in keeping you motivated and feeling great about your achievements.


Jamaican Curry Chicken

By Recipes

The key to a flavourful curry dish is allowing the seasoning to set. I always season my chicken the night before and allow it to rest until I’m ready to cook the next day.

Tip: Chicken thighs are always best for curry!


  • Homemade Curry Spice
  • Fresh Thyme
  • 2 Green onions
  • Peppers
  • Tomato
  • Scotch Bonnet pepper when cooking (if you like spicy)
  • Salt to taste

Completely cover chicken with curry powder (coat well). Add sliced peppers, chopped tomato and onions along with 4 sprigs of thyme. Cover and place in the fridge to rest. If using scotch bonnet pepper, place the pepper in whole. Do not slice or dice the pepper (it will make it very hot). Once the chicken is cooked, discard the pepper.



In a skillet, add 2 tbsps of oil and add chicken. Cook on high until both sides are browned. Turn down to medium heat and add ¼ cup of water and cover. Keep adding water to make sure there is a “gravy” in the bottom of the skillet. Simmer until chicken is fully cooked. Serve with rice and enjoy!