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Losing weight for many has always been a far-off dream. It requires dedication and determination. So a question that many customers, who step into EWYN Weight Loss Studios, ask – “How do we get started?”

There are many questions about weight loss. Do you change your diet? How much should you exercise? Is intermittent fasting healthy? For residents in Charlottetown, the EWYN team gives them guidance on how to begin their weight loss journey.

We understand the challenges you face to try and lose weight, and our experts have the solutions.

Passion for Weight Loss

At the EWYN Weight Loss Studios, you will find experts passionate about helping customers lose weight. Many of them come with stories of their own weight loss struggle. They put heart and soul into helping people. Our weight loss experts are trained and certified. Over the years, they have gathered industry experience.

Each one brings all of this to the table to help every customer reach out to EWYN Weight Loss Studios.

Our passion for weight loss keeps bringing customers to us, along with many recommendations of our studio to friends and family.

What we Do Differently

At EWYN Weight Loss Studios, our professional weight loss experts break away from the mould to give customers an exceptional pathway to achieve their weight loss dreams. More than helping customers lose weight, we believe in assisting customers in being happy and satisfied.

With this core tenet, we create a positive space for people to come, discover themselves, and become healthier. We do this in three ways.

A Positive Space

Losing weight can be scary. Many customers are afraid of failing. We strive to create a positive space for our customers. This includes one-on-one coaching sessions. Conversation with our customers leads to action and change in their life. Our one-on-one coaching session gives our customers guidance to help them prepare to achieve their weight loss dreams.

Weight Loss Assessment

A weight-loss assessment goes a long way for a successful weight loss programs. Our customers in Charlottetown first go through our weight loss assessment, so we understand their needs before the weight loss plan is crafted.

The assessment takes an understanding of your physiology and psychology. An evaluation is drawn of your current weight, health, eating habits, and daily schedule. At the same time, a psychology evaluation tells us about your attitude to weight loss. This is vital for our weight loss experts to build an aggressive or moderate weight loss program.

Most weight loss programs fail because they do not account for the temperament or health of the person. We do not make that mistake.

Health Supplements

As your body goes through a transition, your health mustn’t experience any adverse effects. Our EWYN Health Supplements give you appropriate support. We suggest health supplements, so your body has sufficient nutrients and minerals, depending on our diet recommendations.

Additionally, our health supplements can give you the boost you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Our Sleep Slimmer Bundle ensures you have an excellent sleep while increasing metabolism and reducing bloat and fat. Our Carb Crushing Bundle helps effectively control how much carbohydrates are stored as fat.

Our Health Supplements help give you an edge in achieving your weight loss goals.

Be a Part of the EWYN Weight Loss Family

We have had customers in Charlottetown come back to us with a dream of sharing the EWYN Weight Loss experience with others. For that, we offer a franchise opportunity for anyone who wants to start their business journey.

By partnering with us and helping us grow our brand, we give you the tools to create the EWYN weight loss experience. Here’s how we do that.

Guidance Documents

Guidance documents are shared with you and your team. These documents give you a straightforward step-by-step process of our weight loss programs. These documents can be frequently referred to ensure that you are following the standard expectation of an EWYN Weight Loss Studio. From weight loss programs to better business management to hiring the right experts, our guidance documents give you the tools to build an effective business.

Consultation and Training Sessions

While we provide comprehensive guidance documents, not everything can be communicated on paper. There is a world of failures and learnings that have made each EWYN Weight Loss Studios a success. We give you access to our experts so you can speak and learn from them.

  • How to handle customers
  • How to create a positive space for customers
  • How to build the EWYN experience

Our consultation and training sessions give you and your team a chance to speak to our in-house experts one-on-one and learn from their experiences. Additionally, these consultation and training sessions can be organized regularly so that your team is constantly learning and updating their knowledge and skills.

No Royalties

Starting your own business can be extremely challenging. We want to make sure that we give you the best advantage for success. Hence, we do not take any royalties. This results in more finance to spend on your operations, and you have better equipment and more experienced experts.

The Brand Advantage

With over 40 Studios in Canada, we are a growing and recognized brand name in the country. By joining our family, you become part of the same trust circle that customers have come to expect. This means that when a customer walks through your studio doors, they already trust what you offer.

Additionally, you will also be a part of our marketing efforts. So, do not be surprised when new customers flock to your studio in Charlottetown.

Weight Loss is a Journey

When our weight loss experts work with you and craft a weight loss plan – this is not just a program for you to follow. Rather, we set sail on a journey that will greatly change how you live your life. At the end of the weight loss program, we will have changed you for the better. You are eating healthy, exercising regularly, and simply happy.

Many wrongly mistake that weight loss is a program, and after three months, you can go back to your old life. Weight loss is a journey. You are constantly striving to be a better version of yourself.

For us at EWYN Weight Loss Studios, it is more than just losing weight. It is about helping you feel better about yourself, finding happiness, and discovering that there is a fitter version of yourself, as long as you can break barriers and transform yourself.

This is a journey with ups and downs. There will be days where you want to give up the weight loss plan, but we are there to support you on your journey – on the good and bad days.

You reach the finish line of your weight loss dreams with encouragement and positive passion from our team.

For residents of Charlottetown, you can call us at 782-823-3041 and schedule your first free weight loss assessment. Everyone is welcome to drop into an EWYN Weight Loss Studio and begin their weight loss journey.