Mother’s Day – Safe Ways to Celebrate Mom

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As the pandemic leaves much of the world on hold, it has become clear that many upcoming holidays will have to have their celebrations altered. When it comes to Mother’s Day, however, there are still ways to make the mother in your life feel special whether she is near or far. We found some wonderful suggestions in an article by CTV writer Melissa Lopez-Martinez that we’ll share below:



For those who might not be able to physically be with the mothers in their life, it’s still important to stay connected.

Stylist and image consultant Barbara Aleks said a phone call or video chat is an easy way to accomplish this, but a handwritten letter delivered to them is a more personal touch that they won’t forget.

“A phone call, an email, setting up a Skype or Zoom call if you’re not physically with your mother or if you can’t be near them,” Aleks said to CTVNews.ca on Tuesday via phone call.

“But the one thing they would love more than anything is a letter – just a handwritten letter telling them how much they mean to you,” she said.

Aleks also recommends visiting your loved ones —from a safe distance of course— by driving by their home just to say hello.



While your mother’s favourite clothing store might be closed, there are alternatives through various online stores.

Lifestyle expert Julia Black shared her top picks for gifts any mother would enjoy on CTV’s Your Morning on Monday.

Black said an embroidered sleeping robe with a matching silk sleeping mask is a suitable gift for many mothers who might be lounging at home.

A more classic gift of jewelry can be taken up a step by ordering a custom necklace, either with the mother’s name or their initials.

To help those mothers that need to wind down and relax, Black recommends getting a teapot set or plant to aid in creating a more relaxing atmosphere around the house.

“We all know moms need to unwind, especially after a long day of work and online learning,” she said.



As for activities, Aleks said it’s best to go online. While your mother might have to skip the hair salon for now, she can attend a virtual hair or fashion style appointment from home to receive beauty and style tips she can do herself at home.

“A lot of companies are doing virtual consults. Maybe she wants to get her hair done in a certain way, get her connected to a stylist in her neighbourhood. Anything she would be able to enjoy virtually is a great idea,” Aleks said.

For those who live with a special mother, Aleks said one of the best gifts to give them is the day off.

“If you’re living with someone who is a mother give her the day off, clean the house, do the laundry … make the day hers and do everything for her, so she doesn’t have to lift a finger,” she said.

Other possible activities can include cooking a family dinner, having a game night or watching her favourite film.

Ultimately, it’s all about that “extra effort” in making the mother in your life feel acknowledged and loved especially during these unprecedented times. Aleks said the pandemic has been a difficult issue that Canadians are struggling with collectively, so any opportunity to find a silver lining can help many get through the pandemic.

“We’re all struggling and stressed from these uncertain times, so if there’s any chance to celebrate and bring some joy back into our lives then I say take the opportunity,” she said.