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Everyone wants to be happy and wholesome. It is a dream all of us are struggling to achieve in life. Losing weight, becoming slimmer, thinner, and healthier is also part of the dream. A study by Cari Kitahara found that being overweight and obese can shorten life expectancy by 14 years. Starting your weight loss journey can be a daunting task. Where do you start? The internet will give you many tips, tricks and guides. But, even from those multitudes of options, which is the right place for you to begin? It can be daunting!

Begin your Journey with EWYN Weight Loss Studios

EWYN Weight Loss Studios brings a legacy of helping people lose weight in Canada. We have over 40 weight loss studios across the country that help customers achieve their weight loss dreams. We have opened an accessible range of weight loss programs that truly help people lose weight and feel healthy, happy, and great about themselves.

We are helmed by a team of professionals backed by certified weight loss training and years of experience in the field. For our customers, that means they get access to trusted professionals who bring them unique and customized weight loss plans that work.

Our team is a key factor that brings back many customers in Stratford back to our EWYN weight loss studios.

How we help customers in Stratford Lose Weight

Nothing ever good is easy, and losing weight can be a particularly difficult challenge for many. The advantage of EWYN weight loss studios is that you get access to our trained and experienced team. We have a three-pronged approach to help you lose weight.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

It’s vital for us to create a personalized weight loss plan for you. It is of particular importance to avoid giving our customers a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Why so? Each person has a particular diet, life schedule, weight loss goals, health problems and age.

Our personalized weight loss plan simply works because it is centred around you. This results in the weight loss plan being extremely effective. When you walk into an EWYN weight loss studio in Stratford, you get to speak to our weight loss expert in a one-on-one coaching session. During this session, you will be asked important questions ranging from your diet to work schedule to specifics on your weight loss goals.

A balance of Diet and Exercise

At the heart of any EWYN weight loss plan is balance. Both diet and exercise play key roles in helping you quickly lose weight. However, our weight loss plan does it in a healthy manner.

“You are what you eat” – and that is why diet is so important to losing weight. Our approach to losing weight is more than just reducing your calorie intake. We want to introduce your body to a healthier way of eating. This simply means that you have more vitamins and fibre in your diet and lesser carbohydrates and fats. We will also introduce the concept of healthy portions of food.

The idea here is not to starve you to lose weight. Instead, ensuring your body is getting sufficient energy and minerals it needs.

We see exercise as an activity that is more than burning calories and energy. Rather, it is a way to create a balance in yourself. Exercise improves endorphins and creates a positive mood. With it, you feel better and happier. We help craft an exercise routine according to your age, health issues and work schedule. Most exercise regimes fail because they do not fit within the constraint of the person. Our goal is to help you find an even balance to find time for your exercise regime.

Daily Health Supplements

Our weight loss plan will have your body go through a transition. During this time, your body must get essential nutrients. To ensure that you do not experience any adverse effects, our weight loss experts may recommend health supplements.

In addition to this, our health supplements can give you an extra boost to achieve your weight loss dreams. Like our Carb Crushing Bundle, health supplement bundles pack a punch in reducing fat and reducing the creation of fat cells.

Our weight loss approach is more than just a way to help you lose weight quickly. We want to make sure you are well, happy, and getting fitter while it happens.

Want a Franchise Partnership with Us?

The EWYN experience is not exclusive to us. With our partnership model, we give new business owners a chance to start their own EWYN Weight Loss Studio. We provide support in three areas that help make certain that your EWYN Weight Loss Studio is successful.

Sufficient Documentation

At EWYN, we are very process-oriented. This is an advantage for you. Much of our knowledge sharing will occur by giving you access to our documentation. This gives you critical information on setting up your studio, which weight-loss experts you hire, and how to help your customers. Our documentation gives you a lot of reading, but it gives you the guidelines and tools to build your own EWYN weight loss experience.

Furthermore, the documentation is set-up such that any new employees can easily follow the EWYN system.

Consultation and Training Sessions

While we have excellent documents to share, we also understand that not all knowledge can be shared on paper. Hence, we always organize consultations and training sessions. With this, you can meet with experienced experts from the EWYN weight loss team and gain insightful knowledge of what truly makes a client happy.

Together, we help you build a roadmap to success. This roadmap helps build your expectation for the business and ensure you are following the set guidelines. From the business to customer experience, we share insightful stories that give you the right tools to set for success.

We also help train your staff so that they truly build the EWYN weight loss experience.

Access our Health Supplement Distribution

Our health supplement is a cornerstone of our weight loss program in Stratford. To ensure that you can able to meet the expectations of your customers, we give you access to our Health Supplement Distribution network. This means that you can service your customers better and help them achieve their weight loss goals.

No Royalty Financial Partnership

We understand the challenges of running a fledgeling business. Any royalty payment can seriously cut into your business and operation costs. This is why we do not take royalties. Rather, we offer a franchise financial partnership that has a low weekly fee.

All of these elements come together so that you can build and operate your own EWYN Weight Loss Studio.

We Beat the Competition

Losing weight and getting fitter is challenging, but this is where our weight loss program succeeds. Our personalized approach has a far-reaching impact on helping customers achieve their weight loss dreams. How do we do this? It’s quite simple. We understand that each person has their own needs and requirements. Our weight loss plans are tweaked according to the customers, accommodating them and helping them come closer to their goals.

However, we also go beyond that. We aim to do more than just weight loss with a customer. The ultimate aim is to help customers switch their lifestyle to a healthier and better option. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, and simply being happy are key facets of that. Even when the weight loss plan ends, the lessons learned stay with them long after.

Our balance between a stringent yet flexible weight loss program makes us a preferred option amount many.

Our weight loss experts have a one-on-one coaching session with customers. This kind of personal interaction is favoured by many. Our weight loss experts are just there to push the customer beyond their limits and support and give them a shoulder to lean on.

This positive attitude makes EWYN Weight Loss Studios in Stratford a favoured choice among many.

When it comes to helping you lose weight, you can only expect the best from EWYN Weight Loss Studios. So, come and visit us, or call us at 226-407-7613 and book your first weight loss coaching session.

Your weight loss journey starts now.